"Add to Travel Plan" Bookmarklet

Travel Planner "Add to Travel Plan" Bookmarklet

New: try the Travellerspoint Chrome Extension instead!

This will replace the bookmarklet. We'd love it if you decided to use this instead as it is far more robust. If you have any issues with the extension please let us know in this forum thread.

Drag this button to your Bookmarks Bar Add to Travel Plan

To install the "Add to Travel Plan" button:

  1. Drag the ""Add to Travel Plan" button to your Bookmarks Bar
  2. When you come across a page on the web that is relevant to your plan, click on the "Add to Travel Plan" button to save the link.

What's this for?

This bookmarklet can be used to easily organise your online research into a convenient travel plan on Travellerspoint. As you browse the internet researching your trip, you will be able to click on the "Add to Travel Plan" link in your browser to save that page to your travel plan.

Please note: your bookmarks are always private and only shared amongst you and any fellow travellers on your trip.