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After breakfast we begin our drive back to Windhoek with a stop at the Okahandja Craft Market. We seem to be just about the only targets in the place so I am surprised how well I do with the requests of each merchant to come to their shop. We succeed in spending the cash we have left and I get 3 kudu horn bracelets, a serving spoon, napkin holder and a hanging decoration.
Once we get back in to Windhoek Randy points out some areas to us. We see signs for Katatura which is similar to Soweto in South Africa). The word in Afrikaans means please we don’t want to stay. In Namibia apartheid ended in 1990, 4 years before it did in South Africa.
Randy takes us to get some photos of the Catholic Church which isn’t open but is right across the street from the Independence Memorial Museum.

We go through the 3 floors of what seems to mostly be Namibia’s political life. There isn’t much explanation though so it seems they assume you have a baseline knowledge of the background already. We are told it was built by North Korea.
It does have large murals and their first president and the founder of Namibia – Dr. Sam Nujoma.
And it does explain some things like the Namibian flag.
We were meant to have lunch on the top floor of the museum that has a great view over Namibia.
The cafe was closed for renovation so Randy takes us to Portuga Restaurant for lunch. It takes a century to get our spaghetti before we do the final 30 minute drive back to the Etango Guest Ranch. We fly out tomorrow so spend the late afternoon and evening repacking, relaxing, reading and having tea.

Dinner is again provided with a quiche type appetizer, “game meat” steak for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

Randy lets me know that our trip covered a total of 3,600 km of Namibia!

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By ErinDriver

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