Kenya:Nairobi National Park: Birds, Baboons and Baby Animals

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After Ruby's volunteering in the Masai Mara we were ready to explore Nairobi National Park (which we had skipped on our last trip to Kenya). This is quite possibly the only national park located inside a major city! This reserve is so close that the animals can be photographed with the city in the background! The entrance to the park was about $40 pp and we easily hired a driver and guide for a tour of the park for about $100 total for the day.

As we drove around we saw some gorgeous baby animals (which of course are Ruby's favorite)!


We drove around and spotted tons of beautiful birds!


We went for a walk in the park with an armed guard. . . during that walk we realized that we were only about 100 yards away from 2 sleeping black rhinos! We also saw a huge nile croc and hippo skull :)


Monkeys galore!


It was a beautiful day and we saw lots of other cool creatures too. . .like a dik-dik (the world's smallest antelope), a pumba, wildebeest and a huge lizard that looked like a kimodo dragon.

We had a perfect end to the day with a nice dinner catching up with our friends Doc, Maria and Piety at our fave Indian restaurant in Nairobi (Haandi).


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By Tony.Ruby

Posted Tue, Feb 11, 2014 | Kenya | Comments