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Last week has been a transition week between Safari in the north and Zanzibar beaches in the south. Lots of Bus rides for at the end see only a tiny part of this big country (2* the size of France). A few nice stories and postcards however.

Arusha-Moshi-Bagamoyo-Dar es Salaam... In one month, including safari ans Zanzibar I will only visit 10% of the country!

Sunday 13 January 2019 : Arusha-Moshi

Having already found out that Arusha could be visited in around 15 minutes, I leave right after the safari for Moshi on the slopes of Kilimanjaro (highest summit in Africa. 5800m).

Trip with Dala-Dala (local minibus). 35 passenger in a 24 seater... Knowing that the 80km trip costs less than 2usd, I guess they need to maximize...

Nice and warm in the Dala-Dala (that's behind... There are as many passager in front). At least, if we have an accident, I will have flesh airbags on all sides to protect me...

Monday 14 january 2019 Moshi

Failing to climb Kilimanjaro (too expensive, too cold, too busy), today I will visit some waterfalls on the slopes of the mountain. I rent a bike and with great confidence I attack the 15km, 800m elevation leading to the falls.

Unfortunately... 3 hours later, under a scorching sun, I am lost, in the middle of nowhere. No falls in sight (and I am late for my nap :-p). I turn the bike and go down 800m, wishing I had checked the brakes of the bike before the climb!

I did not reach the falls... But at least I made a friend!

It goes up, up. And... Up !

Tuesday 15 January 2019 Moshi

Upset that I failed to reach the falls yesterday, I decide to go again today but with a Dala-Dala (could not find a Taxi :-p). The minibus is still overloaded, and I am even handed a kid when my lap become the last available seat (I am not the father... I swear!!!... I think so).

There, I walk 45' to the beautiful falls, swim in their (cold!) water, witness how to make coffee, and eat a delicious local meal... Now I can go back to Moshi fully satisfied!

Too handsome... I asked if I could keep him, but the mother did not agree

The falls, the coffee, and for the tourists a barrista masai warrior! Note the soles made of motorcycle tire... Very trendy!

Wednesday 16 january 2019 Moshi-Bagamoyo

Bus between Moshi and Bagamoyo (the coast). 450km in 10 hours on relatively good roads.

When we leave at 8am under cloud cover the temperature is already 29 degrees. At 4pm under a scorching sun it's 38 in the bus (no A/C of course). A nice sauna...

Funny incident (absolutely authentic)... The bus TV was playing at top volume (always) some Christians canticle in Swahili. Suddenly, as the choir was singing 'god is above and he can do anything' and I was thinking 'it's going to be a loooong trip', the TV fell, missing the head of the driver by inches... If this is not a sign!!!

I was quite happy of the outcome personally... But then they started to play Christmas carols on the radio :-(

Finally made it alive (well cooked) after 10 hours. Tomorrow first bath in the Indian Ocean.

Outside view... Semi desertic savanna... Very hot!

Inside view... No more TV - No more canticle... Thanks God!!!

Thursday 17 January2019 Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo is the first capital of German East Africa, before transfer to Dar Es Salaam in 1890 (small cultural interlude). Today it's a sleepy town, with the remains of Germans stone buildings and a 'far west' feel in its empty streets. Plus a long stretch of beach with fishermen, fish market and a few boats in a sorry state!

Tomorrow bus to Dar, then Zanzibar, the spice island... Next chapter in a week...

The city... A feel of a ghost city.

My boat to Zanzibar... Should I be worried?

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