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Tuesday 3 September 2019

Today was another long travel day. The distances are huge – Madagscar is the world’s fourth largest island – and the condition of the roads also means it takes much longer.

We departed at 7.30am and stopped at a lookout over a thundering waterfall in the Ranomafana National Park.


We went through a couple of large towns with crowds of people at the markets. At one of the large towns I went to the ATM for some cash – instead I got 'your bank won’t allow this transaction'. There were several banks located together, so I tried another with the same message. The third bank was my lucky bank. I was starting to think my card had been frozen! There are tuk tuks everywhere in the larger towns.


We stopped to take photos of the fields. A couple of small children came running with their hands out and an old farmer came up close and just stared at us – it was a bit unnerving.


We arrived at Anja Reserve around 11am and ordered our lunch before doing a walk in the reserve. Anja is a community reserve designed to teach the Malagasy people to protect their natural environment and to benefit from ecotourism. We spent just over an hour in the reserve. We saw a couple of chameleons. There were plenty of Ring Tailed Lemurs but they were high up in the trees and they were very active, jumping from tree to tree. We saw where the lemurs sleep, under a rock overhang – where they are vulnerable to predators. The lunch was again not great.


The scenery changed along the way, we started to see very large rock formations and the land became flatter.


We arrived in the village of Ranohira around 6pm and briefly met with our local guide to plan for tomorrow’s walk in Isalo National Park.

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By MissWalker

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