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Selous Game Park

Our flight from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam was almost empty and took only about 20 minutes. It went quite smoothly apart from an unusual take off when it felt like there was a very strong side wind. On our taxi ride into the city, the most memorable moment was when we were stuck in traffic and the local sellers came out to offer their wares. One struck us as unusual to say the least. It was a guy who had a small aquarium balanced on his head; the aquarium was complete with water, fish, and even plants. He thought we should buy it! It is the one photo I regret not taking!

The next morning we started our safari to Selous Game Park with a company called Kanuth Safaris which we found out had been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor so we knew that we had chosen our safari company well. Selous is located about a 5-hour drive from Dar Es Salaam. Our tour guide and driver was Mickey and our own personal cook was named Boaz. As we drove we got farther and farther away from the built up area around Dar Es Salaam, and the people and villages became more and more colourful. We eventually arrived at the Hippo Camp on the banks of the Rufiji River, one of the main waterways in Tanzania. We were ferried across the Rufiji as we were staying at a relatively new camp one the other side of the river; the boat ride took about 20 minutes.

Mickey our tour guide and driver Boaz our wonderful cook

Boaz loading food onto our boat

We kind of expected to be in a tent as this was a budget safari, but ended up in another beautiful spacious round house at Kituri Selous Camp which had just two cabins so we received very personal service.


We felt very well cared for, and Boaz cooked wonderful meals for us. It was a delight to sit in the open-air dining room and hear the sounds of the hippos in the morning and the evening.


The first evening included a boat safari down the Rufiji River where we saw hippos, a wee crocodile and many birds. It was a very pleasant trip and ended with our watching the sun set over the river.

Hippos are are so cute the way they are usually submerged except for their little ears and eyes.
They often look quite curiously at who is watching them.

The first day in Selous, one of the oldest games reserves in Africa, was fabulous as we saw lots of giraffes, zebras, several lions, elephants and buffalo.



There are always lots of antelopes as well. Seeing the first elephants of our trip near our lunch spot brought us delight.


Mickey found several lions all of which were pretty well hidden in the trees as they shaded themselves from the hot sun. One was nestled up to its recent kill, a wildebeest, that was likely taken down the previous evening. Luckily we didn’t witness that action! We could see was another lioness beautifully set in a green-leafed bush. We were so close! It was exciting yet safe in our open-roofed safari vehicle.


One our very favourite scenes that day was one in which there were so many animals grazing and drinking water together. It was such a delight to see this.

Our second day of safari included more lions, hippos, giraffes and exploring lakes where we saw lots of crocodiles and another lioness just lazing in the afternoon sun. It was delightful to see her. We loved these days of being in close proximity to these wonderful animals.

An old male buffalo on his own as they tend to be when they get old as they get grumpy!
Here you can see the massive size of hippos that live in the water in the day and then come onto land at night to eat the whole night long munching on grasses.
We were happy to see this greater kudu. They really are such beautiful animals
Here are several warthogs which are strange looking animals but we grew to love them, especially the babies. There are impala grazing in the background.

When heading back to our camp on the boat after our second day in Selous, we were not so far from a hippo who happened to yawn (as they do regularly) just at the right time and I was able to capture it on camera. It is totally amazing that they can open their jaws that wide! It is one of my favourite photos and a great memory of being on the Rufiji River.


As we were leaving KIturi camp we took one last photo of Ernest and all the lovely staff and Boaz our cook before we left for our last boat trip down the Rufiji River. We loved the fact that this camp was so small and we felt we had been very well cared for.


We said goodbye to Mickey and Boaz once they got us back to Dar Es Salaam airport. We had to catch a “red eye” flight back to Nairobi. We had chosen this in preference to taking a very long bus trip back to Nairobi, but had a long wait at the airport with little to do other than watch the goings on there. I will pick up next part of our adventure in the next post. 'Bye for now, Dana and Chris

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