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Thursday 22 August 2019

Today was amazing!

The itinerary for today was a walk to the elephant caves – where elephants go looking for salt (I think) and then relaxing in the afternoon. But Jude, Jen and I realised this was our last opportunity to do another game drive so we booked a full day game drive in Tarangire National Park.

Our driver Lowhigh (don’t know how to spell it but he said his name is low – high) picked us up at 6.30am. We had a quick stop at a lookout over Lake Manyara National Park.


When we arrived at the park someone came around and sprayed the wheels, supposedly to keep the tsetse fly away from the vehicle. They also had blue flags soaked with a chemical to kill the flies, tsetse flies are attracted to dark blue. We saw a few tsetse flies during the day.


It was a two hour drive to Tarangire and it was well worth the drive and well worth the money we paid for the day. The park was beautiful – there were huge baobab trees, there was a great variety of animals, and it wasn’t crowded like Ngorongoro Crater yesterday. Our driver was very familiar with the park and knew the best spots to find the animals.

We got back to Kudu Lodge at 5.30pm. A very long day but it was incredible. It was definitely one of the best game drives we’ve done. I won’t go into all the animal sightings but we did spend a long time watching elephants – baby elephants are adorable.


There were cars stopped and people looking at the baobab tree. Can you see anythiing?


This was in the tree: a leopard


A unicorn or a water buck that's been in a fight?


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By MissWalker

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