Zanzibar, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Spice Island, Paradise Island, Slave island (ah... It's suddenly less sexy . But Zanzibar has been the center of slave trade in the Indian Ocean for close to 200 years). Great place for my last week in Africa.

Stone Town, the capital is famous for two reasons :

1. It's winding roads and carved doors listed as UNESCO world heritage
2. It is the birthplace of Freddy Mercury (singer of the band Queen) one of my personal Idols.

Anyhow... Taking pictures of doors is funny for a while and Freddy unfortunately died 30 Year ago... So it's time to go and explore the island.


Stone town and a few carved doors. Note that the spikes on the door are there to protect the houses from charging elephants (no kidding!). It must be very efficient because I haven't seen a single elephant in Zanzibar :-p

I have explored Zanzibar from north to south to east to west in Dala-Dala... My favorite mean of transportation where I am never bored.

I fondly remember a trip where the collector tried to make me pay 30 times the price (9 euros instead of 30 cents), then threw me out of the bus as I wouldn't pay, then jumped out of the bus to hand me back my phone which I had forgotten in the chaos (trying to steal 8 euro and then giving me back a 100 euros phone... Go figure!), then walked with me to the next station offering me to share his lunch and insisting that I marry a local girl and have children...
Finaly back in the Dala-Dala (which I paid 30 cents), I was crushed between 2 very fat African mama's (who seemed to find it very funny), then once at destination I walked half hour in the wrong direction because my map was upside down.
5 hours for 40km... An dull trip after all.:-)...

She looks bored. Maybe no one try to overcharge her!
Dala-Dala are never overloaded!

I must say, that I was positively impressed in Tanzania (and Kenya too apparently) by the efforts made to control pollution, especially plastic (it is now forbidden to use plastic bags in Kenya... And the fines are steep!), but Zanzibar is unfortunately very filthy! Especially in the villages.

Beautiful Zanzibar
Ugly Zanzibar
Cows on the beach
Sunrise... Sunset (apparently it is every day!!!). I could build my life around these 2 moments.


Zanzibar and it's reputation as paradise on earth has finaly left me with mixted feelings (on the positive side though!). The beaches are beautiful (when they are not full of plastic), people are genuinely nice (when they don't overcharge bus tickets), the sea is emerald, the weather is great... This was a very enjoyable stay but not sure I'll be back soon...

I am now in Dar es Salaam airport. Back in France tomorrow morning and they are forecasting snow. Nice!

Thanks for following this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it... Comments and remarks (even nasty ones) are still welcome!

See you for my next challenge... Which might be that! The day of my big 5-0!
Mt Blanc - 4807m - 16 July 2019 - who is climbing with me?

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By Pyshechter

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