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Hoi An's Japanese Bridge: Hoi An served as a busy Asian trading port between the 16th and 19th centuries. This cultural milieu remains visible in everything from the mustard-colored shophouses to dining traditions. On the western end of Old Town, narrow pedestrian streets give way to an 18th-century Japanese covered bridge.


Basket boats: Often considered to be an ancient version of the medieval coracle, the Vietnamese trung was actually a trick to circumvent a French tax on boats: "That's not a boat," they'd say, "it's a basket!" Today, the boats can still be seen in the waters around Hoi An and nearby Da Nang.


An Bang Beach: Hoi An is more of a river town than a beach getaway, but sunseekers can easily reach the coastline. About a 10-minute drive northeast, travelers will find themselves overlooking the East Sea, with sweeps of sand running for miles in both directions.


Day tripping: A pair of giant hands lift the ribbon-like Golden Bridge up in the air above Vietnam's Truong Son Mountains. The mind-bending structure, which towers above Thien Thai garden, looks like it's been there for centuries but just opened last year.


Foodie paradise: Hoi An is filled with amazing cuisine, from street eats to gourmet dining. In fact, Hoi An is considered the banh mi capital of the world.


Yaly Couture: Hoi An is filled with unique shopping experiences. This includes Yaly Couture, which specializes in bespoke, luxurious apparel.


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