Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

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Ngapali Beach is a popular tourist destination 7 kilometres from Thandwe, near LinThar Village. The beach stretches for 3 kilometres along the Indian Ocean.
Ngapali Beach has been promoted as a major tourist destination in Myanmar. Several resorts and hotels are located in Ngapali, usually high end - such as Bayview Ngapali, Amata Resort, Amazing Ngapali and the government-owned Anawa. Ngapali used to have private bungalows, but these were torn down in the late 1990s to make way for the development of hotels. The hotels and tourist industry provide income for the villages around Ngapali and Thandwe. There is also a golf course nearby.
The beach is served by Thandwe Airport. All of Myanmar's internal airlines fly to Thandwe.


Hahaha, Murphy`s Law. I thought I would treat myself to a nice shower and bed in some accommodation on the beach for a few days and the first day I arrive it`s raining. Lets hope comes right by tomorrow.


Woke this morning to an absolutely stunning day. After spending a few months in Hostels where things work sometimes, it is nice to have a bit of luxury for a few days. The beach is beautiful and there is hardly anyone here, I think I am one of about 15 people so it is very peaceful.


This is the room I am staying in at the Amazing Ngapali Resort and the view from my room towards the beach.


Here are some of the critters that just hang out around the rooms, haha (the snake was about 1 metre long and the lizard was about 25 cm).


Had an amazing sunset this evening around 6.15pm and as usual, I don`t think my camera captures how beautiful these places are but I think it shows enough to get the idea.


This was an amazing 3 days of luxury outside of the normal hostels that I have been staying. Everything here was amazing as the name says. Picked up at the airport when I arrived and transported to the resort (only about 5-10 minutes away). Presented with a beautiful drink on arrival at the resort. Breakfast is included and the menu is extensive, you can also just keep ordering so you would probably put on weight here if you were to have an extended stay. On the day I left they presented me with a shell necklace that had my name engraved in the main shell, so a nice reminder of having been to one of the most beautiful places on earth. I forgot to mention that the staff here are fantastic and they make you feel like you are the only one at the resort.
All in all I could happily spend the rest of my days at Ngapali and will definitely come back here.

Next stop Bangkok, Thailand.

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