2019 July 23 - GERMANY - Rhine River

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What a brilliant day we had today! The alarm went off at 8am, but we did not get up until 8.30am. Before we even opened the tent, I knew it was a perfect day outside as I could feel the sun beating down on the tent. Brilliant blue sky and warm.

I cooked bacon and toast on our small hot plate to start the day off. We sat looking at the river enjoying our breakfast, we did not have to hurry away we had the day in Rudesheim today. Well, not actually Rudesheim, but that’s where it will start.

We rode out of the campsite just on 10, stopping at the shops for some supplies bread rolls for our lunch today. We rode into town and locked the bikes up in a little side street off the main drag. Our next mode of transport was a gondola that carried us across the vineyards up into the N…… Forrest. The view over the towns on both sides of the Rhine River were great from our seats in the little bucket gondola. We could see the busy river up and down stream even though in the distance it was a little hazy. The vineyards are all green and starting to fruit, so they were a beautiful sight also.


Once at the top it was a short walk to the Germania monument where we again stopped for photos of the amazing view below.


Next we did a short walk (I think less than 2 km through the forest). Didn’t manage to spot any bears or wolves even though we were keeping a keen eye out for either. The walk was pleasant and mostly shaded, which was good as the day was by not hot.

At the edge of the forest we sat on a chairlift that continue through the forest for a bit then did a steep incline down to the red wine town of Assmanshausen (or as Lyn fondly renamed Ass Mans House). This town / village is quite small, not much there except a few restaurants and assorted accommodation.


We found a shady tree overlooking the river and made our selves comfortable. We had an hour and half to wait for our next leg of the day with was a ferry. This was no problem, there was a nice breeze and we had a picnic lunch to enjoy.


We walked to the ferry dock and boarded the boat, which took off exactly on time at 2.15pm. Just a short trip down the river to drop us off at RhienStein Castle. This is a privately-owned castle that is open to visitors and has a couple of accomodation rooms, and of course an overpriced restaurant. We had 2 hours here before the boat returned to collect us. The castle is 80 metres above the river, and we had to climb up a zig zag walkway to reach the top. Again, amazing views! And with such a beautiful blue sky, it was great.


The last boat from the castle back to Rudesheim left at 4.15pm, traveling upstream, it took almost an hour to travel the short distance. Actually, I think we rode the distance faster yesterday lol.


The boat docked not far from where we had the bikes locked up, so we grabbed them and headed back to camp, via the supermarket of course to pick up some cold beers.

Sitting, drinking the cold beer, watching the river traffic pass we commented on what a great day we’d had. We are only a couple of more days on the bike and now that the weather is so nice we are really starting to enjoy it more. Although we heard temperatures are going to soar up there close to 40 degrees which is not really the best for bike riding, but we will see how we go.

Just before 7pm, we rode back to the supermarket, picked up some meat and salad for dinner and of course a stashed cold bottle of wine and returned to camp to cook and eat dinner.

Followed by the normal shower, washing of clothes and bed.

Tomorrow we move on again.

RUDESHIEM CAMPING – 21.40 euros, very nice toilets with paper, hot showers (no token just need to continually hold in the knob)

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By Cindy Bruin

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