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D40F9EAC-B..95A29C81E55.jpeg The perfect characterization of the day. Went down past Peace Bridge to the Foyle River marina, such as it was. C3414B71-3..503FD76BFFC.jpeg Here I met Manannen Mac Lir (Lyr), Son of the Sea, the Great Northern Sea God, who is part of Celtic mythology. 161EBE36-4..B79078F5E80.jpeg The jetties that we're here is where the German submarine fleet surrendered in May 1945. The detailed explanation is on the plaque. 064583E3-D..B39085FB050.jpeg

Got some better views of the Peace Bridge from the other side. It is quite curved, E47FB282-F..1637C06ABB0.jpeg and the train going under it. 7461D2F6-0..1FBE62584DE.jpeg Went over the bridge to the old barracks from WWII and to the sculpture of the International Sailor, a memorial to sailors "of all nations" in WWII. Was walking around and met an old guy (my age) on his bicycle, who I had quite a conversation with, though I couldn't understand him totally. There are certainly varying views on Brexit. He insists it won't happen. He was from Strabane, just south of here, where Woodrow Wilson's grandparents emigrated from. Connections.

On my way back through town - the stair-less, hill-less route via Derry walls and escalators in the 5-story shopping center (we used to travel by escalator in Seattle too), I ran into a ceremonial laying of the wreath and parade! C75C84EC-B..FA290FB8E1E.jpeg They were honoring the soldiers of the world wars and laid a wreath at the memorial. Then they paraded through town down past my house and back later. DD35B18E-9..89165D72980.jpeg On the floor of the shopping mall is a wonderful 8-foot or so mosaic of the Children of Lir as the four swans (Ballycastle legend). The mall escalator pops me out just a couple blocks downhill from home.

Aimless day.

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By Seacastle7

Posted Sun, May 12, 2019 | United Kingdom | Comments