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Wow! Great sleep last night….ready to go this morning!

We walked to the train station, which was about 800 metres from our apartment to purchase our Unlimited Train Pass for the week. The cost was 38 Euros – no need to validate any tickets before boarding and we do not have to worry about having to purchase a ticket each time. We are able to just *hop on-hop off* wherever we like. Seems like a great idea, since this will be our frequent mode of transportation.

Our first stop was actually in Italy…since the Italian border is so close. We disembarked at Ventimiglia, which was a cute little town with houses and churches dotting the surrounding hillsides. As we left the train station, Mom suggested we have some gelati and we should make it our goal to have some everyday on the trip! We are 2 for 2 so far.

We walked along the promenade, up and over bridges and next to a river, which was so clear we could see the fish swimming beneath us. The views wherever we go are absolutely incredible!

Lunch time. Pizza. How Italian of us?!? I splurged this time….8 Euros…and that was for both of us. My Mom said she would buy dinner. I’m guessing it will be more than that! Haha.

We headed back to the train station and headed to Monaco but when we got to Menton (another stop along the way), the view was so amazing we decided to jump off the train to explore this town. Lots of cool restaurants and shops along the seaside. I think Diane was going thru some *retail withdrawal* so we had to go into some of the stores as well.

Later in the afternoon we hopped back on the train (they were about 30 minutes apart) and headed to Monaco. Lots of people around – as there were a couple of cruise ships in port. But also because crews were setting up and getting ready for the Monaco Grand Prix which begins next week. It was very cool to walk along side of the *would-be* track and across some of the roads that are part of the race course. If I watch the Grand Prix next weekend on TV, I will have a better idea of where the drivers are driving thru. We walked up many stairs to get to a better vantage point which was right beside the Prince of Monaco’s Palace. I think I could see my yacht from up there….

Train back to Nice took about 20 minutes. We timed the boarding of this train perfectly. There was standing room only at this time of day but luckily we got a seat. And even better because we did not have to queue up to purchase a ticket.

We dropped off our stuff at the apartment (some retail therapy purchases) and headed out for dinner after freshening up and pre-dinner cocktails. We ate at a restaurant called 11 Art, which was in a great location from the apartment. It had outdoor seating with heaters and blankies – all good. It can get chilly in the evening!

Back to the apartment and call it a day after 22 000 steps. Time to re-charge so we can do it all again tomorrow!

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By moorsey88

Posted Mon, May 13, 2019 | France | Comments