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When I decided, "I'm on Mykonos, I should rent a scooter," I was picturing something like this: Me (about 15 pounds skinnier and a shade or two more tan) easily zipping along the scenic coastline, my air flowing gracefully in the ocean breeze. I would stop at any place that caught my fancy - perhaps a hidden beach or a quaint seaside restaurant. Some cute Grecian guy might even hit on me, you know, because me on a scooter would be just about irresistible (please note the sarcasm if it is not readily apparent). It was all very glamorous… in my head. With that (obviously unrealistic) fantasy in mind, my first stop on Mykonos was one of the many rental shops near the port. Perhaps I was too distracted by the bright blue ocean to make a good decision.


Needless to say, the reality was just a bit different than what I pictured in my head as a signed on the dotted line and handed over my drivers license to the cantankerous old man running the shop. In fact, the fantasy wore off about the time I couldn't even figure out how to start the darn thing. Then there's the fact that I'm far (far) too anxious to zip anywhere and to forgo the admittedly less than sexy helmet. Picture instead me hanging on for dear life, constantly torn between trying to enjoy the moment and utter panic. And driving very slowly around the curves. All this when I was even more relaxed than I would have been otherwise after time in the spa that morning (remember the facial I won?). Armed with a map, I stopped at practically the first place I could relax for awhile. Thankfully, that place happened to be here:


Throughout Mykonos, there were beach clubs where one could rent a palapa for the day at a reasonable price. As a bonus, I could sit and stare at the ocean while someone brought me something strong to drink to help me recover from the drive. It was a really low-key day once I arrived at the beach. I mostly read and enjoyed the view. The sand was much coarser than what I was used to and the ocean was freezing, but it was absolutely beautiful.


As relaxing as the beach was, the day was somewhat tainted by the necessity of a return trip, the thought of which ever lingered in the back of my mind. Unfortunately, there really was no other way to get back to the ship other than again risk my life (and, let's be honest - the life of pretty much anyone else on the road at the time) on the scooter. So I did. Spoiler alert: I made it back safely. I even got up the nerve to vary just a bit from the shortest route back. I was on Mykonos, after all. I will admit, and I am sure this will be shocking, I was beyond relieved when I returned to the rental shop and both the scooter and I were in one piece. I celebrated by exploring the more of the town, on foot of course. What an incredible place.


My day ended like so many evenings before - with the sunset.


The following day would be the final day at sea before the final port - Naples, Italy.

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By cgplatt

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