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Yesterday we went to Cannes and we found out how busy it can get when the Cannes Boat show is on - there was nowhere to park for miles and you couldn’t see the bay or drive anywhere for the traffic and fancy cars!

This was supposed to be one but Sue’s thumb got in the way! Oh no! She’s actually deleted it! Oh, oh, there it is again! Bit blurry but hey! This was just one of many Aston Martins, Ferraris, Bentleys and you name it! There was plenty of money on display!


Any way, we did find somewhere to park slightly out of the main centre of town and we did wander down to the waterfront and along to the old town. I think going to the boat show would have been interesting, but dogs not allowed and so old town instead! There were lots of alleyways meandering to the top where the most important church of Cannes stands. What a view - now we could see some of the boats I wonder how much (in £ terms) was on show!


After a nice lunch in one of the popular areas of Cannes we tried to drive around the bay - we managed it, but same story, nowhere to park. We drove around the coastline until we came to Antibes but everywhere full and so photos only taken from the car I am afraid!


This last photo is of the yacht built for Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft. The largest explorer yacht in the world and can have a 20m submarine! Helicopter pad and you name it! Sleeps 26. We actually saw this in Cape Town last year just after he died. You can now buy it for $325m! If it wasn’t for the submarine I may have been interested!

Today was a scorcher and so we went to the local beach. Lucy swam with us in the beautiful blue med lots of times , she was in doggy heaven.


Tomorrow St Tropez, we think, before the weekend.

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By TomAndSue

Posted Thu, Sep 12, 2019 | Comments