Chasing the sun!

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Today was a very hit and miss day in Manilva - rain, sun, rain ... so we headed south for the better weather!

We discovered a really nice beach bar some 4 years ago overlooking Gibraltar and today we found it again - DBlanco at Alcaidesa, we will definitely try it later in the holiday.Check out the golf course with Gibraltar at the end of the green!

Our real destination was Tarifa which is where the ferries cross to Africa (Tangier). This is a bustling and amazing little town with lots of North African influence and where the Mediterranean meets the Alantic ocean. Thr winds are strong here which is why kite surfing is very popular, in fact I think they hold the world championships here.


Anyway, we wandered around, had a nice lunch and enjoyed the sun!

On the way back we stopped at the lookout point that looks over Africa which was clearing nicely!

A lovely day out for everyone!

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By TomAndSue

Posted Tue, Apr 02, 2019 | Comments