Day 25: Lost in Translation

Community Highlights Europe Day 25: Lost in Translation

The guesthouse provided breakfast in a picnic basket with contents I selected via email. This was great as I didn’t have to wait for breakfast to be served but could start whenever I wanted. On of my options was jam and marmalade and I chose marmalade. It ended up being quince paste, which I love. Just got me thinking about all the different communication issues that arise in travel. There have been many around food. Love the tuna pate here, but one menu had it listed as tuna paste. Last night I went shopping and stopped at a couple shops and tried to communicate though gestures and charades, but I still failed.

Was quickly out of town and in the country. The road is easy to bike and goes through large farms. Endless rows of olives trees, almond trees, etc.


The countryside gets hillier and looks more like areas I have biked through. In a short time I am in Corval, a small town with 22 potters and the center of pottery in Portugal. I zigzagged my way through town stopping at a small portion of the shops, but saw so many things that Crystal would love—and I would like as well. There is no way the beautiful large items will fit on the bike so I settled on 2 small plates about 3 inches across that I can slip in my bike bags and carry,=. They are so small they hold a wet tea bag or pits after I eat a few olives, but they are probably more for decoration. Some day when I a gone and someone has to decide to do with all I have collected, these plates will just go in a box to charity. But for now I will take them one and enjoy them and ever time I see or use them I will be reminded of this day and the incredible time in Portugal.


The hilly terrain continued to Monsaraz, a hill top town which is my highest point to bike to today. The climb was steady by not too steep and provided great views of the lakes on the other side of the town. From the top I walked to the castle which gave panoramic views from where I had come, to the lakes which is where I will be going.


Before heading out I walk the streets of the town, which are somewhat touristy but nice all the same. I glance inside a cafe and see a beautiful small patio and decide to take a break and get a cider before hitting the road.


The downhill is followed by a short ride to the long bridge I could see from the top. After crossing the bridge I am quickly another hill top town, Mourao, but this one is completely different. Not touristy at all. The castle is in the center of an average town. People just going about there business on a Saturday. I went to the castle and saw a couple leaving. I wandered the ruins and loved every minutes of the quiet and lack of distraction. I am surprised how much I notice noise and conversation when I am around people. I guess it is because I am quiet myself all day and only have the noises of nature, the occasional passing car, and the sounds of my bike. The wheels on the road and the sound of the chain.


I pass by a lovely little park in the center of town with people city and talking at nearby cafes. I then pass an arena for bullfighting as I leave town. It the the third one I have seen in the last 2 days.


Back to communication, besides all the challenges of traveling I see how important communication is—since I am doing so little of it. This blog is one way to communicate and I go back to proofread and see how I may not be as clear as I think.

I have also had some issues with my cell phone which is my way I am communicating with Crystal—Sim died so I was without cell service for a couple days. Had to use email when I had wifi. Even though Crystal knows me more than anyone, we struggled being clear in written communications on the steps to solve the problem. Thanks to Crystal for getting it take care of and a new eSim.

The afternoon is much of the same and I keep a steady pace for the rest of the day. I pass through rolling countryside buy now I have occasional views of the lakes. At one point I heard horses hooves behind me and se a guy on a horse. He turns into a small arena are there are other guys on horses there. Curious what they were doing this Saturday.


I get to my Moura, my destination by 4:30 and check into an old-fashoined hotel like some of those I stayed in in Spain A grand staircase going up the center and a center courtyard with balconies and windows. There is also a lovely courtyard out back. My room is on the top floor and I have a small private balcony overlooking the courtyard and city.





Cleaned up I went walking, exploring and observing. Watching people strolling, shopping, eating at the same restaurant. At the restaurant there was a group of young guys, middle school maybe. They were laughing, singing along to music videos playing on the restaurant TV. Just having fun on a Saturday night. No translation needed.


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