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The storm still isn’t quite here, though it is biting cold and a little windy. 433BE645-D..43562BEE93D.jpeg Decided to go for it and see one more thing before my ferry trip to an island (how quaint!) tomorrow. By going early I miss the tour buses too. It’s about 30 minutes up the coast, an amazing ride every time. There are so many little lambs just everywhere. F86B14C1-4..9B671E8A16E.jpeg7B7B1352-2..D6C90CB21A9.jpeg. These were at Dunluce - just a few, but most fields had 50-100 I would guess.

Dunluce Castle was quite a surprise, again, so much more when you are there. 933EE615-B..CDAA5175B53.jpegCFB8CF4C-F..54065AF1F0E.jpeg. The area was inhabited by Mesolithic peoples before being raided by Vikings, Normans, Scots and Irish Clans. An archaeology dig was done a few years ago and the interpretive center had an excellent exhibit and film.

The castle was built by the MacQuillans around 1500 (a busy time) and lost to the MacDonnells ( of the Scottish MacDonalds around 1550. And next the English - Queen Elizabeth In 1584; she gave it back to Sorley Boy MacDonnell in 1586 for his loyalty, after which the Ulster Gaelic chieftains rebelled in what became the Nine Years War. When Cromwell came to power - 1650s, he gave Dunluce town and surrounding lands to his soldiers. The MacDonnells eventually got their land back, but it ended up in ruins and “went inti care” in 1928.

Photos will do the talking once again. 34DE3A46-8..D2C8A0ADE03.jpeg191E93FA-8..34669878325.jpegD62C8ACD-2..2EBEBC61DB4.jpeg39CDEA5C-3..97F7E6A0F27.jpeg3173D804-3..E06E143F419.jpeg3B9796EB-3..10EE235A335.jpegC9C84F4E-F..6B7E311A30C.jpeg743C746F-B..8DCA8CDD57E.jpeg

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