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We knew that when we woke up we would be in for a visual treat as we were headed to the village of Eidfjord, which is deep in fjord country. During the night we had been sailing from the Norwegian Sea into the waters of the Hardangerfjord then into the smaller Eidfjorden. So it was no surprise when we pulled back the curtains to see that we were surrounded by steep sided mountains and snow capped peaks.


Eidfjord nestled under towering peaks

Sleepy little town which didn’t look as though it was expecting visitors!

However, as we watched from our vantage point in the World Cafe while having breakfast, tour buses gradually started to pull up alongside, ready to take us on our various tours. We were going to be doing the full-day excursion to Flåm where we would be boarding the Flåm Railway for the 20km, one hour journey to Myrdal. It is one of the steepest single gauge railways in the world and because of its steep gradient (the elevation difference is 863 metres) and picturesque nature is a world famous railway journey.

The little town of Flam (taken from the bus)



Leaving Flam, it was no time till we were looking down on Flam’s red and white houses and its little steepled church as the train began its ascent, giving us wonderful views of the valleys, snow capped mountains, waterfalls, forests and rivers as we snaked our way up the mountain and through the twenty tunnels to Myrdal, stopping along the way to get out and take photos at a waterfall.







When we arrived in Myrdal we changed trains, and after another picturesque train journey, we arrived in Voss, where we had lunch at the lovely lakeside 130 year old Fleischers Hotel before catching the bus back to the Viking Sea via a scenic drive over the Hardangervidder Mountain Plateau.





The day of wonderful Nordic scenery contInued as the Viking Sea retraced its passage back up the Hardangerfjord. We had missed this scenery on our way in as it was nighttime, so It was a little disconcerting as we approached this bridge. Did we really sail under it this morning? Doesn’t look high enough! Would we make it?

Well, we did and stood on the front deck to watch it slip by above us. Apparently a lot of the bigger cruise ships can’t get into Eidfjord as they are too big to fit under it.

We enjoyed more majestic scenery from the Explorers’ Lounge as we made our way back up the fjord.

Then it was off to the Star Theatre for the Viking Farewell Reception, with the captain, a funny little man (Keith thought he was a comedian when he addressed us at the Welcome Reception at the beginning of the cruise) summing up the cruise in his characteristically humorous way. Then the crew filed into the theatre to the music ‘Celebrate Good Times’ from the Viking band and we got to show our appreciation to all the different groups who’d looked after us so well.

Photos below from videos, hence not good, but I think capture the atmosphere


This was followed by a ‘Beatles Songbook’ concert with the resident band and vocalists.

A wonderful day both on board and off.

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