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We left Donegal this morning, to return to Northern Ireland. We crossed into Northern Ireland to pass through Strabane, before crossing back to Ireland for a coffee in Lifford. We then crossed back into Northern Ireland and made our way to Derry (Londonderry). Once there, we parked our car outside the old city walls, and circumnavigated the old city atop the walls. We enjoyed a great view of the old town, and of the surrounding city. We also had a clear view of the Bogside area, where, in 1972, the British Army murdered 14 unarmed protesters (and injured 14 others), an event which became known as “Bloody Sunday”. The marchers were protesting against the practice of imprisonment without trial.
We again crossed into Ireland and drove to Ballyliffin, where we had a bowl of seafood chowder at Nancy’s Barn, probably the best chowder we have ever eaten!
Crossing back into Northern Ireland, we headed for our B&B in Coleraine.
Over the course of today, we crossed from Ireland to Northern Ireland, and vice versa, 5 times. Each time, there was no border post, or other indication that we had crossed a frontier (other than a change in road signs). It is shocking that the morons in the British Parliament have not anticipated the complexity that Brexit will introduce with respect to this border, and the passage of people and goods.

Bishop’s Gate outside old city wall
View of Derry town
Beautiful old church in Derry
Wall mural in Derry
Peace Bridge in Derry
Walkway on the old city wall in Derry
View of homes and wall murals from the city wall
Another wall mural
Bogside area in Derry
Amazing seafood chowder and Irish soda bread!
Sweet little sheep with bunny-like ears!

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By Jimpat

Posted Thu, Apr 25, 2019 | Comments