Dó-bra-ye ú-tra Khabarovsk

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Don't believe everything you read on travel blogs. Many blogs describe this town as boring. And TripAdvisor does not highly recommend, but we loved it!

We arrived at around 10am to the beautiful railway station (chandaliers hanging inside)




Checked in to our little bit of luxury the Sopka Hotel ($100) right on the mighty Amur River.



Lunch was caviar (what else?)


Then out and about to enjoy this beautiful town




Did some grocery shopping in preparation for some long upcoming train journeys. Bought ham, cheese, smoked salmon, and some other goodies for the train. Steaming hot water availble on the train, so we stocked up on tea, coffee, pot noodles and cupa soup. Thank goodness for Google translate (they are all Yogurt apparently!)


Finished the day returning to the Khabarovsk brach of Satsivi ($20 for two). Can't go wrong with Georgian food!

Discovered the main street of Khabarovsk which is a very impressive stretch of beautiful historic buildings. We will return for a closer look tomorrow.

A luxurious star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png 5 star day

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By MikeinCairns

Posted Thu, Aug 08, 2019 | Russia | Comments