Komiža- Day 7 Saturday 9/7

Community Highlights Europe Komiža- Day 7 Saturday 9/7

We met at the waterfront at 10 AM to board the Ames tour boat, which took us to Island Bisevo.

It was beautiful to view lovely Komiža from the Adriatic Sea.


Although overcast, the views of the limestone cliffs of Croatia were fabulous.


Bisevo is located five nautical miles southwest of Komiža, and is famous for its Blue Grotto (Cave Bisevo), said to rival the famous Blue Grotto of Capri. While the opening to the cave makes it look impossible for the boats to pass inside, everyone bends to become as flat as possible, and our pilot pushed us in through the opening with the tide. Note how small the cave opening appears.


The ambiance in the cave was beautiful, and unlike Capri, the entrances were staggered, so that we were the only boat in the cave for about ten minutes. I will let the photos tell the story.


You can see our pilot and the other boat in these.


We reboarded our tour boat, which then made a stop at a very small beach. While this was a planned swim stop, we could hear distant thunder, so we decided against it.


Here are some views from the ride back. Some of us ventured out to the bow of the boat.


And, some of us napped.


By the way, we were served a multi-course meal onboard the boat, with a squid salad starter, followed by a course of pasta, and then fresh tuna with a potato salad. And of course, beer and wine. For dessert, we were given a kakao cookie to eat with kakao liquer, as our captain and his wife (who had prepared our meal) serenaded us with local songs.


Once on land, Maureen and I took a stroll around Komiža, while the nappers returned to the apartments to rest.


We spent some afternoon time at the pool. Then, at about 6:45 PM, we walked to the waterfront, and had a bite to eat at a rooftop restaurant. The views of the scenery (and the people) were lovely.


Here are our dinners...pork medallions and scampi. Can you guess who ordered what? We are starting to feel as if we are on an "eat your way across Croatia" trip!


We stopped for gelato to fortify us for the (uphill) walk back to the hotel, where we have to pack for an early departure tomorrow.

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