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We left Porto and flew to Montpellier, France Monday and our moods improved immediately. It's warm, hot even, sunny, and beautiful. It's oddly comfortable even though we don't have air conditioning and we're in the middle of a record heat wave. Well, we all know we like it hot.

We are staying in the Écusson neighborhood, the historic center. It's more narrow, winding streets and huge medieval walls and homes.

But these are lined with Fromageries, Boulangeries, Patisseries, and fruit and vegetable vendors instead of Tapas bars like Spain.

We have a huge French doors that open to our small balconies and overlook the tiny Rue de L'Ancien Corrier. Musicians regularly set up beneath our window and play jazz. Jazz is not our thing and yet as I type this we are listing to French Cafe Lounge on Spotify. It's just somehow right here. (BTW try it out if you have Spotify - it's pretty cool.)

Just around the corner are cafes.

And at the top of the street is Halles Castellane. Our beautiful market. Not as big as our market in Spain but much more prepared food! I will not be cooking much here I don't think!

Ok, I admit it. I'm a francophile. There is just something about this country. The food, the wine, and the beautiful language. Portuguese was like sandpaper on our ears and French is like honey. In addition, the people are warm and friendly (yes, I said warm and friendly). Much more than the Spaniards were even though I don't speak the language (I'm trying madly to learn however).

We are looking forward to exploring the Languedoc, the Camargue, eating shellfish, and going to the beach. Have a feeling it's going to be a good month. After the Portugal debacle, we are ready!

For those following Instagram or who read the last entry, you will know Scott got sick on our cruise on the Douro. After a visit to a clinic in Porto and again here in Montpellier, (fingers crossed) he is finally on the mend. We don't yet know what it was as we are waiting on test results but the doctors here gave him some medicine that seems to be working. For the first day in TWELVE DAYS, he was able to really get out and about for awhile and his energy and appetite are coming back.

Interesting side note on insurance/healthcare costs abroad. We use Cigna Global for our health insurance and they have many direct-bill clinics so in Portugal we paid "nothing". In Montpellier, they don't have an affiliation with any out-patient clinics so we paid out-of-pocket and will be reimbursed. That gave us insight into the costs (US dollars).

Private ER consultation with IV fluids and anti nausea meds: $85.19
Full Blood Workup and fecal tests (for bacteria and parasites): $166.49
Sonogram: $61.24

Also, I went to see a plastic surgeon (dermatologists can't do surgery in France) about a cyst that may need to be removed (it doesn't). I got in the same day and it cost $90.70.

The idea that the US has the best healthcare in the world is an unbelievable fraud. I can't even imagine what two visits to the "ER", diagnostic tests, and treatment would have cost us but I know it would have been more than $320. Oh and his meds were under $10.

Well just a quick update now but stay tuned. July is gonna be fun! Happy 4th to all those back home. Hope you have a great holiday.

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By mrb430

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