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Day 21 Thursday 28 June 2018

Low, low cloud today.
Tried to visit the church at Inndyr but a Norwegian group we’re inside so we couldn’t look around, we were content with the beautiful churchyard.
Stopped off for a little walk on our way to Bodø to catch a ferry to Lofoten.
The sun broke through and we enjoyed a beautiful crossing, despite being reminded of Brexit by our biscuits.

The evening sun from our campsite was spectacular.
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Overnight Moshenes Camping (right next to the ferry).

[] Cost 300NK

Day 22 Friday 29 June 2018

First stop, old fishing village Å on the western tip of Lofoten. Dry cod heads made it a bit smelly but it was very pretty.

We drove through the beautiful islands, stopping off for a fried egg sandwich.

Decided to stop for two nights at Kablevag Camping.
[] Cost 620NK (2 nights)

Day 23 Saturday 30 June 2018

We had a lazy start then Kevin when off for a ride and I walked into Kabelvåg. Nice village with a festival in full swing, everyone was very friendly, had a lovely afternoon.

I noticed that a lot of houses in Norway have children’s bikes left outside and wonder if it’s a way of reminding drivers that children may be around.

Day 24 Sunday 1 July 2018

Soon after we set off we were stopped by a police (everyone was stopped so it wasn’t a reflection on Kevin’s driving!) and he was invited to take a breathalyser test, the permitted blood alcohol content level in Norway is zero and Kevin passed the test. They were probably hoping to stop any late night revellers from yesterday’s festival from drink driving.
We had sunshine today! First warm sun for a while. We stopped overlooking the lake and church Kevin had ridden to yesterday to take in the view.

Stopped for the day at around 1pm at Gullesfjord Camping, had the first ice creams of the trip! It was a lovely campsite but the water supply was off for most of the day. The view from the van was ever changing with the tide, I lounged around while Kevin went for a short ride.

[]Cost 250NK

Day 25 Monday 2 July 2018

Farewell to Lofoten. Stopped at one of the monuments to the Battle of Narvik, overlooking the town.

We didn’t go on to Narvik because the bridge wasn’t open, made camp at Hærsletta Camping, Trædal. Went for a walk from the campsite to try and get down to the waterfront but failed, nice walk nevertheless. Sunshine all day. We have now passed the most northerly point on our journey, sometime soon we may have darkness again!

[] Cost 280NK

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