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Ok, so after a couple of nights in Olhao, good night's I may add, we decided to nip eastwards down the coast to Santa Luzia and what a good decision it was. It is such a charming little town right on the water with some excellent bars and resturants. On arrival at the aire it was pretty full with just 1 space available. Well I say a space, it was almost as tight as the roads we came through in Olhao! What the hell, it's just 1 night so we squeezed in set up and went for a walk around town. Sun was shinning and it was probably in the early 20°'s so instead of going back to the van we sat across the road with a couple of beers watching the fishermen coming in and out. When we got back our neighbours, an English couple, asked if we would mind moving over slightly. The French motorhome that had been parked there had moved, so we did as asked which gave us and both neighbours more room. Both couples were English and knew the area and we got on really well, they told us the best bars and cheapest resturants to visit. Ended up staying for 3 nights instead 1 and spent the second evening with 8 of us sitting outside of our van, drinking and chatting. Probably one of the best nights we've had out here.
If we had found Santa Luzia earlier on we probably could have stayed there a few weeks however a change in circumstances has moved our return date forward a month and with lots we still want to do we decided to move on. A quick stop at Tavira, walk around the town and an evening planning our next stop and off we go again. Today we crossed back into Spain to a site just outside of Isla Christina. Aires and wild camping are definitely our preference but sometimes you need a proper site to dump waste, fill up with water, do laundry and all the boring stuff. We plan on spending 2 or 3 days here before heading south east again towards Marbella and Malaga in search of more sunshine.

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By CarlJayne

Posted Mon, Jan 28, 2019 | Portugal | Comments