RIPON, Cathedral City of the Dales.

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Ripon is a small city in North Yorkshire England. ---Cathedral City of the Dales.--- Ideal as centre to visit the Yorkshire Moors or Dales and York.---Market Day is Thursday. 9am to 4pm.large_DSCN0528.JPGDSCN0531.JPGDSCN0532.JPGDSCN0531.J PG DSCN0532.J PGDSCN0530.JPGDSCN0529.JPGDSCN0527.JPGDSCN0525.JPGDSCN0523.JPGDSCN0522.JPGDSCN0520.JPGDSCN0516.JPGDSCN0513.JPGDSCN0510.JPGlarge_DSCN0512.JPGlarge_DSCN0514.JPG-------------------------------------------------------------------------------RIPON is a short distance from the AI(m) motorway. Good access by bus from York and Leeds. No train. Nearest Airport is Leeds/Bradford, or Manchester.------Ripon was founded over 1300 years ago. The Cathedral is 7 th century, free admission, donations welcome.The cathedral is Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St, Wilfred known as just Ripon Cathedral. Near the cathedral is the elegant old Georgian Courthouse, built in 1830., now a museum. ---There is a large traditional Market square with a 300 year old Obelisk,90 ft high. In a corner of the square is an old cabin ,that the Horse Carriage Drivers used to use. Every evening at 9 pm the Ripon City Hornblower sounds the "Setting of the Watch" a tradition going back 1100 years. In the Square is the Wakemans House now the Town Hall.----On the edge of the City is Ripon Horse Racing Course.-------Ripon has a small Bus Station. Buses to Leeds, York, Boroughbridge are regular. There are infrequent services to some villages.-------On my visit i had lovely Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas, at The Jolly Fryer Fish and Chip restaurant, in Allhallowsgate. and in the Market Square i had a beer at the Unicorn pub a Wetherspoon pub. The weather was blue skies and sunshine and this made my visit to Ripon ,good.

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