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Took the bus from Derry across the border just outside of Derry, again no passport needed - imagine that as a hard border with all the buses and trucks back and forth - through very green rolling hills changing to dry mesa-type hills down to Donegal and Ballyshannon. All the roundabouts had sculptures in the center. 16BBB3FF-1..86CB7397719.jpeg We got to the coast at Bundoran and followed it around to Sligo. I love Sligo! It seems light and bright after Derry. It was a short easy walk - no hills! - to the hotel, which it turns out is a block from the Sligo Harbor Estuary 52E49964-1..4675BE2E654.jpeg3FC5F34A-0..48F2CDFFD00.jpeg that feeds into the Garavogue River. There is a river walk with cafes, pubs, shops and street singers. E4A349AB-5..DA4657D1802.jpeg3469F3A6-C..16B9CDAFBC1.jpeg088DACCC-B..D7C0405D163.jpeg And lots of swans, ducks and wading birds. 7CDB2959-7..05C12E0A135.jpegC84C4ECF-F..37B0CD5DFB8.jpeg7A9672E7-3..9A5318E09DF.jpeg. The Yeats Memorial Building built in 1899 is in Sligo right around the corner 3FD1ABF2-F..D706FED58C8.jpeg. I found a chocolatier shop by the river and a bakery right next door. Couldn't believe these meringue: 984ABEF8-1..9B5BE259C2B.jpeg

The train station, Mac Diarmada station, here is huge and was opened in 1862. D794BAB9-5..2885585A269.jpeg. There was an excellent history board inside of old pictures 2613DEE3-A..6E693269492.jpeg. The station was hit by another time period of "troubles" that happened in the 1920s. It was bombed and lost many of its engines and cars.

This is my very favorite city so far this trip. Off to the beach tomorrow.

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By Seacastle7

Posted Tue, May 14, 2019 | Ireland | Comments