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Today was our tour of the Hermitage—the Winter Palace for the Romanovs. The main part of the tour was to be the Gold Room (The Treasury) which was closed the last time we were here. No photos allowed. My favorite pieces were the gold laurel leaf (not gilded) crowns that were worn for certain ceremonies and the 100+ snuff boxes Catherine collected (and used many).

Since we would not have any free time to roam, I decided to concentrate on the architecture of this Romanov home—for, indeed that is what it was. From 1754 to 1917, the Hermitage served as the city imperial residence of the Romanovs. Catherine the Great is responsible for adding most of the buildings when the palace proved too small to hold her art treasures.

The Museum complex contains over 3 million pieces of art. Someone estimated that it would take 8 years to see the entire collection. Given the crowds, I am surprised that it is not more.

The Hermitage


The Grand Staircase


Grand Staircase in Living Quarters


The Raphael Loggia (copy of Vatican Loggia)


Aspects of the Architecture
From parquet floors with matching doors to gilded ceilings to crystal crystal chandeliers — all aspects of Peter’s and Catherine’s desire to emphasize the European grandeur of the new capital.


And of course Some Art— 3 Pieces I did not see previously

Rembrandt’s The Nativity

Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son[i]

della Robbia’s [i]The Nativity

Tomorrow we have no tour, so we are going out on our own to just see what a Sunday in St. Petersburg is like. With any luck we will have nice weather.

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