Tromso and Hug a Husky

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We are in Tromso for 2 days. After the reindeer ride, Deb and I decided to visit Tromso the next morning. Tromso is an Arctic university town and like all the Norwegian towns is neat, tidy and covered in snow. You've got to be so careful walking the streets. Ice, which is often undetectable, is everywhere. I had my jousting stick and I am not proud to be using it.

Tromso at night

My arty farty shot of interesting reflections

Deb saw some fur hats and was busy trying this hat. When she heard that it was seal fur with arctic fox fur trim, she didn't want it. Thank god as it was priced at $800 AUD! In the end, she ended up with a rabbit fur hat from the local BCF (Boating, Camping and Fishing) shop for $80 AUD. Dodged a bullet there!

Here are some shots of our visit to Tromso.

Random Tourist

Don't be under these things when the temperature starts to warm up!
Great mutton chops

Where are the skanky asians?

Where are the lines! The cars automatically stop for pedestrians even when they are jaywalking like me

Crazy annual race over 300 metres, pulled along by reindeers capable of running at ?60 km/hr

Crazy people are not unique to Australia

Tromso Waterfront


Impressive Tromso Bridge

Tromso Ice Cathedral

Beautiful colour at sunset

Mountains around Tromso

Back to the boat for a much needed snooze before the Hug a husky tour.

Hug a husky started with a short drive to the camp. Imagine 300 or more dogs all in one place. All really friendly. They are not the huskys we have come to expect, you know, the big white fluffy fur balls. These are smaller, probably 25 kg dogs, mostly black and brown. After a lot of hugging (by Debbie), we got into the dog sleds. 2 people to a sled with a driver. All together, I reckon it weighed anywhere from 200 to 300 kg. 10 dogs to a sled and they are strong. The ride was probably a decent 2 km and was great fun.


The last treat when we got back to the compound was a visit to the puppies. Very very cutes. They had to check everyone's pockets to make sure no one is trying to take a puppy home. Could not get a decent photo of the puppies as all I could see was people's backs.


We were given some very bad coffee and back on the bus.

Deb and I met up with our new American fans and we treated them to the bottle of Monkey's Shoulder whiskey we found in Tromso. It went down a treat. Deb and I hid the whiskey in a water bottle but we didn't have to do that as the crew couldn't care less. A great dinner in good company and to bed.

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By wilson.lim61

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