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The walled city of Chester is one of the oldest in Britain, and has a charm and splendor all of its own despite being dwarfed in size by neighboring Liverpool and Manchester. Chester is the best preserved walled city in England as its medieval walls form the most complete circuit around any town or city in England. Chester was founded as Roman fort in the year 79 and was known as Deva. It was one of the three major Roman army bases in the UK.


Chester is often ranked as one of the best places to live in England, making it no wonder that so many people want to live here. With access to a range of independent and mainstream shops, amenities, bars, restaurants and activities right on your doorstep, Chester is a great place to live.
We get the tour of the wall surrounding the city.

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We meet an artist along the way...


He even has security guarding the area:


The Cats of Chester:

You’ve heard of the Cheshire Cat??? ....Did you ever wonder about that Cheshire grin???? In the Cheshire port town of Chester, there’s a local legend set around the docks. It’s said Chester cats were the happiest in all of England because they feasted on the ship rats and mice lured out of their docked boats by the town’s scent of milk and cheese.


In the old city, the Rows is a shopping district distinguished by 2-level covered arcades and Tudor-style half-timber buildings. A Roman amphitheatre, with ongoing excavations, lies just outside the old city's walls.


Another secret in this town is a 13th century crypt in the heart of Chester's Independent Quarter and what we find is a cave of fine wines, quirky brews and sophisticated spirits. There has just been a refurb that marries the best of modern and medieval design!


Fun Facts:

James Bond was born here. John Lennon’s granny lived here too!
Lennon’s grandmother, Annie Jane Millward, was born in the Bear & Billet pub, on Lower Bridge Street, in 1873. At the time it was known as the Earl of Shrewsbury's town house and Annie was said to have lived there until she was in her 20s.


While the Fab Four were in Chester in the early 60s, they heard tales of a
cottage on the banks of the River Dee, near to the Grosvenor Bridge, called 'Nowhere'. It is said to have intrigued John Lennon so much that he visited the house and later wrote the song Nowhere Man.


The Town Crier did his thing and luckily none of us ended up in shackles otherwise we would have missed our dinner at the Bodant Furnace Farm!
No worries about that though...Michelle wouldn’t let us miss a meal!




On to Wales for our dinner prepared by Dai Davies ( & Co.).

Known as Dai Chef ...one of the Seven Celtic Chefs who wowed opera superstar Luciano Pavarotti with his culinary skills has been appointed as the resident chef at Bodnant Welsh Food in Conwy.

The centre of excellence at the heart of the 5,000 acre estate has been a big hit since it was officially opened by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in 2012.

Today, he is wowing some American Superstars and we are singing his praises.


After a delicious meal, a little shopping at the on-site store and off to Deganwy we go for another adventure!

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By Linda Fluckiger

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