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Another outstanding day in England. We are in York! It’s a Beautiful city surrounded by an ancient wall that you can walk on. Beautiful small walking streets with amazing storefront displays.

Last night we had a freezing cold city tour with lots of little walks through “snickleways” (alley ways that are long and narrow that can get you through the city quicker). We had an Indian feast for dinner. Quite the spicy affair. And one I used to have in Malaysia quite often.
This morning we toured the York Minister Cathedral! This took 250 years to build, but they are still working on it. The foundation is built on the remains of a Roman fort. Every part of this building is amazing. Beautiful gothic archways that stretch as much as 60 -100 feet high. We also got to see under the building where there are still working Roman viaducts in use. We got to see the foundation pillars.
Later that evening we came back for a glorious service with a choir and organ providing the most beautiful music and priests giving short sermons. The last song was for all of us to sing along to. The tune was In Humility Our Savior, from our hymn book, but differs words for this rendition.

We then had lunch on the rivers edge. Followed by finding a TKMax so I could pickup a couple warmer shirts. I’ve been freezing.

Then it was off to a Huge, and I mean gigantic train museum that was amazing. Several hours later and after the Cathedral performance we had a Yorkshire Pudding wrap for dinner.

Couple of photos with police officers. And views of the city.

Then my roommate and I went on a ghost tour of the city. 7 miles of walking and 20,000 steps today.


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By dianeski4

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