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It's our last day in Switzerland!

We fly out to LA tomorrow and will be back in Boise sometime between 11 pm and midnight. So Alana, do not be concerned if you hear someone unlocking the front door! :)

Will make this one short and simple. The day consisted of three things:
[b]A) Taking the ferry to the National Museum
B) Going through, and having lunch, as the National Museum
C) Going Bowling (yes you read that right)

Our apartment had a tram stop right outside which was a HUGE blessing after all the hiking around we have done. The first thing we did was take the tram down a stop and got myself some Ibuprofen for the day (for my left leg which as been consistently uncomfortable. The wonderful lady behind the counter asked if I wanted to take one right away.. and offered me some water. It helped with all the walking through the museum.

Then we headed out to the ferry which was next to the big fountain and lion statue. The walk was marvelous, quiet, level. The area we stayed in was a great mix of old and modern. This is the front door and the outside of our apt building.


And some of the buildings around us.


I was also so happy to see that the fountains were on ! They are in the back of the picture below.


When we do got to the museum we were treated with a special event!! There was a massive 'storytelling' (fairy tales, folklore, etc.) going on in the courtyard. There were areas for story tellers - who were amazing (even though we could not understand them). But they were great actors and very animated. They held their audience (both young and old) with rapt attention. We grabbed some coffee cake, and sandwiches, and settled down to watch. The whole courtyard had the greatest vibe, which was only increased by the AMAZING beauty of the architecture of the hold mansion around us. Even though there are massive renovations happening. One of the tents was labeled - Drachenwald. Checking my phone I learned that was the local medieval SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). They must have been telling some great old folklore stories! Cause the kids were vocal in their responses to the story teller. There was also a tent for the Fairy Garden group... and they had open wood fires going to roast a bratwurst, or a lump of dough, on a stick.

Swiss National Museum Site


One of the best parts was watching this little boy - who we have premonitions that he will become a great architect - be totally engrossed with the large building blocks. He worked to hard (carrying large loads) of blocks over to his platform. Building up a structure as high as himself. Then explaining, in great animated detail, to his mother what all the parts were. Then .. knocking it over and starting on a new building. Adorable!


Like I mentioned some of the best parts of the museum was the building itself.


After walking through exhibits of the history of Switzerland (learned that their philosophy of neutrality was born in the 1600s in their national Diet - like a congress). We had lunch in the outside café and headed off to an unusual event for the final day of vacation overseas!


Btw, the church bells are doing their LOUD JOINED melodious sound in the air. - just like what I heard in Salzburg. What a nice way to again.. come around again to wrap things up.

Pat had a hankering to go bowling, as we took a few hours and a taxi (first) to enjoy exploring the suburbs of Zurich. We took a tram back and that was another great view of the different 'non tourist' areas of the city. There was on the TV a parade from the folkmusic fest.. Which was kinda fun to watch while Pat bowled.


So that's it! We have completed our bucket list trip! I have very mixed feelings about leaving. I do LOVE the people here. I can be easy for a expat to retire -- except it is so expensive! Maybe Epic needs some reps in this country? LOL JK

Though not looking forward to the 12 flight to LA, then the flight to Boise.. I am looking forward to seeing Shadow, my sister Alana and my friends.
Love you!

We are off to dinner at Suan Long - for a little Chinese food
Good night!

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