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A Kid's Guide to Auckland

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We are about to leave our cosy little house in Auckland. I am writing this blog for one reason. So I do not have to help clean the house. Well here it goes!

A kids guide to Auckland

Go to the zoo. You should really go early otherwise you will have to park a kilometre away and wait in line. Also bring snacks because the snacks here are over priced. Get to the kiwis fast because after noon there is a major rush.

Stay with friends in St Heliers and you can scoot around because practically everyone has a scooter. We like to ride our scooters down to the beach and catch some crabs.

Go to the aquarium. Always book online because it gives you a 60 dollar discount. The aquarium is also fun because there is a little restaurant at sea level that is by the rays and they are huge.

If your Mom insists on taking you to the art gallery don't go past the Lego area.

Go to the Maritime History museum. Make sure you hurry through to the Black Magic Blue Water section. there is a section at the back where you get to design a boat and then race it.

Go to Rangitoto Island. It is a six hundred year old volcano which is dormant. We had to take a ferry from down town but we me made it to the summit. Look for a Saddleback (a kind of bird) we did not see one. They also released kiwis, takahe and many more. make sure you stop at the Bach museum for tea and ginger nuts.

Go to North Head and explore the tunnels and watch the video. It was a cool old army base.

But, my favourite thing to do here is lie around and read my book (Thanks Albert and Faith!). but I do not have anything to read because I finished my last book yesterday.

Happy New Year everyone! I will send you my next blog from Australia!


This featured blog entry was written by Arin MacDyer from the blog A Year of Summer.
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By Arin MacDyer

Posted Mon, Dec 29, 2014 | New Zealand | Comments