Down time in Graenichen between Colmar and Ponte Tresa

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We woke up in Graenichen and the girls were bickering a bit. Everyone was getting a bit tired of the travel and Emily especially was starting to feel quite homesick. We found some little youtube exercise videos for the girls to start their day with some movement. Seeing as we didn’t have our bikes or scooters it was good to move their bodies and start the day well.

Girls doing exercise video

I took some motivation from that and went for a run along the river that runs through Graenichen. After our morning exercise the girls had a play with the neighbour Levin and then we all headed off to the local Migros. They had a special day for their 25th anniversary and had 10% off everything. They also had free fairy floss and the girls had a taste for the first time ever. They both got 2 little trolleys to collect their shopping in which they loved. I also finally picked up some more cough medicine on the way home and then we went back for some lunch.

Fairy floss!

Mini shopping trolleys!

For the afternoon we had planned to go to the local castle and caves. We have been to the castle many times before and even taken Emily when she was a baby but surprisingly we had never ventured to the caves which were literally just up the path from the castle. The caves were really cool and we all loved climbing in and around them. There were a few tiny little streams and waterfalls running over and through them. Ella loved throwing the leaves up in the air like rain. Poor Emily brushed paste a stinging nettle bush and had a bit of a sting for a few hours after it but she was super brave. Luckily we brought a fresh bag of baby pretzels with us and they got demolished after hungry hiking legs needed a snack.

Emily looking up at the beautiful green canopy provided by the forest.

Girls walking into the forest.

Emily at the local graenichen castle

It's raining leaves!!

The forest

Caving family

Kevin and Emily in the cave

Family castle shot

Once we were home it only left us with a bit of time for a quick play with Levin then dinner and bed. Once the girls were in bed Kevin and i headed into Aarau old town for a drink and cup of tea. At first we tried to go to the bar by the river. We thought we could jag a table by walking around the bar and seeing if there were any free ones then on our loop around we realised there was quite a large line of people waiting at the front for a table. So we put that idea in the bin and headed back to the old town and settled at a little bar. There were lots of people out. Most people were looking smart but not dressed up. Like no one was wearing any heels. Most people were in cool sneakers.

A rainbow above the train station in Graenichen

Kevin in Graenichen on our night out.

The next morning was pancake morning so Kev made pancakes with the girls and then he headed off to Germany for the day. The girls were invited but didn’t fancy the couple hours each way on the train. Kev loved the idea of using a spare travel day on our Swiss travel pass to catch the train for 2 hours to a stop in Switzerland and then walk 1km across the border to Germany. Also listening to a couple sport podcasts on the train without girls interrupting wasn’t a bad way to spend a few hours. Kev got to Konstanz by midday and wandered through the old town before stopping in the park to have his packed lunch. Afterwards Kev went across the bridge and went for a dip in the Rhine river. There was a paid section that was cordoned off like a mini beach. Needless to say Kev jumped in the area next to this for free. He wasn’t the only one choosing the gyppo beach as there a fair few people sun baking and a couple that jumped in. Kev then made his way to a biergarten for well earned beer. The weather was beautiful and the beer was nice and cold. Showing great restraint Kev finished his beer and made his way back to the train station to get home by 6pm and see the girls before bed.

Flowers in the streets of Germany

German bier stein in Konstanz

Streets of Konstanz

Swim in Germany

Meanwhile the girls and I baked a delicious cake and did some more exercise videos then spent a lot of the day just playing at the playground and then playing with Levin at the house with all the rocks. It was a super warm day and we finished it off with a big water fight.

Our last little rest day before heading off to Italy and Erin borrowed Maya’s bike and went for a ride. There were lots of poppy’s in the fields nearby just popping their little heads up. We mostly made sure our washing was ready and repacked our bags ready for tomorrow and heading off to Italy in the morning. The packing was very different for Italy as it had warmed up and our packing items mainly consisted of swimming stuff. We went back to playing at the playground and discovered a cherry tree at the playground with actual cherries on! Unfortunately they were a bit sour as they still had to ripen up. We then walked over to the river and it was so warm we found ourselves all wanting to venture in. It was actually pretty icy cold but it was so so refreshing and we all ended up wading across the rocks and making “fishing rods” out of sticks and just playing and sitting there for ages. It was so magical being in the river. It reminded me a lot of the Bluey episode “The Creek”. We all headed home for burgers then a big nights rest before our Italy adventure in the morning.

Our fishing spot

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