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A more relaxed day today around Epernay. A morning catch up with the kids back home. They seem to be coping well without us. Thanks to the DaSilvas for making sure they are eating well!

A walk into town to a food market that was pretty disappointing. We did manage to find a boulangerie or 3 and a fromagerie. We managed to get 2 of our daily pastries out of the way for breakfast!


After a lazy morning we made our way up to Hautvillers - the home to Dom Perignon. A beautiful high spot to look down the valley and another church!


We went to lunch there, in a restaurant - no baguette in a park today. We also had a champagne tasting with lunch.


A drive back to Epernay via Ay. Oh and a bit more champagne tasting!


Back in Epernay for a walk and some more champagne tasting! Things started to get a bit out of hand!


Tea was a quiet one in - but with another bottle of champagne.


We even got another 2 sweets in. The beauty of having 4 of us means we can all have a small taste.


The boys checking out the French pedestrians.


Roddy and Paula head to Paris tomorrow, Ade and I to Reims. All 9 of us meet up in Amiens on Sunday.

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By Ade and Tam

Posted Thu, Apr 11, 2019 | Comments