Day 19: Krakow to Warsaw

Community Highlights World Food Day 19: Krakow to Warsaw

Weather Update: I think this is the worst of the heat wave in this area. It was in the mid-90s today but should be back in the low 80s tomorrow. Of course, cooler seasonal weather is coming right when we are leaving...

Today we took the train from Krakow to Warsaw, our last train ride of this trip, We have been going first class on all our trains, which has often come with a free bottle of water. Today, however, we got to choose one of two appetizers and got two drinks. First class trains in Europe often aren't that much more expensive than second class and come with more space (and therefore fewer people to deal with and more space for baggage) and sometimes you get free food!


We arrived in Warsaw a little after 1pm and our hotel is just about three blocks or so from the train station so we were able to walk there. Fortunately, our rooms were ready. We each got a free drink coupon so after dropping our stuff off in our rooms we went to the hotel bar to cash those in. We didn't have anything on our schedule until 5pm so that was a good use of our time until then.

We left the hotel at 4:30 to get to our meeting point for a food tour. We were in a really fun group with a couple from Scotland and a woman from Russia. Being in such a small group was great because we talked a lot during our food stops. The food was really good. I don't remember what everything was but you can see pictures! We started with some little sandwiches and noodle soup. We had polish sausage, paczki, pierogies, beer and vodka, and zapiekanki (basically flat bread pizzas), among other things. Our guide will be emailing us a list of everything we ate along with some recipes. I am excited to get the recipes.


Doing a food tour on our first day in Warsaw was a great choice. In just the little we have walked around you can tell Warsaw is a different kind of city from Krakow. Warsaw was largely destroyed in WWII whereas Krakow was spared. As a result, Krakow retains its old medieval feel in the city center, whereas Warsaw is more modern. The Soviet influence is obvious in its wide streets lined with blocky unadorned buildings. I am interested to learn more about this city's history in the next couple of days.



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