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Today was a Sunday. Funny thing is that on Sundays....Toyosu Fish Market is CLOSED (and also supposedly on Wednesdays). But we did not know this and took a taxi early in the AM to go only to realize that is was closed. So we went to Tsukiji Outer Market which is limited in the openings but had PLENTY TO OFFER. It is way different being here when half the place is gone and before 9am on a Sunday. Most of the shops were closed but a lot of the stalls and sushi spots were open even at 7am. We walked around food hunting and ate A LOT. After many snacks, we stumbled upon a sushi bar that was full and waited about 15 minutes for seats. It was called 築地虎杖 別館 (Itadori — address: Google Map location I cant tell you how we found it but we were sure glad we did. We got the cheapest full set and the sushi was on point and they served us super quickly (which according to our lunch chef is the worst kind of sushi as it is not authentic lol). I would for sure come again if I was at the Tsukiji Market as the set was about $30. The fish was fresh and the salmon roe was delicious!!
Some of the BEST raw oysters (also one of the largest)
Tried the Eel and Mackerel skewers (both tasty but go for the EEL)
Siu Mai (pork dumpling) on a stick. Super tasty and hot!
Wagyu beef with seared uní sushi (so decandent and creamy. So worth it)
Albino Strawberries (so sweet and perfect tasting. Eat them right away though unless you are going to a fridge)
Sushi Set! Mmmm

We then left happy toward the first super Millenial thing we did today. We went to TeamLab Planets which is this AWESOME museum with only about 5 rooms/exhibits but it is this wonderous place where you walk barefoot throughout because the floor texture also changes as the rooms change!! If you come here it costs about $25 and we bought tickets online (designates a time to come), but also BRING SHORTS or wear pants you can roll up to knee high length because you will be in water that high. We entered the museum not knowing what to expect and left feeling in awe with the way they used projectors, light, water, sensory activities. It has less than the TeamLab Borderless but WAY LESS people and you can finish in about 2 hours if you don’t fall asleep in the Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers (which is similar in many ways to Borderless).
Cool water painting on water! (Small koi were swimming around projected onto water)
Crystal infinity (same as Borderless)

After this, we leisurely went to Molecular Tapas Bar (which apparently has one Michelin star as well) in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I will post separately in detail about this experience but WE ALL LOVED it. It was a combination of science (molecular gastronomy) and food, my favorites!!! And our chef, Ping, was so interactive with us throughout. I highly recommend going even though the price breaks the bank....

After eating so well, we were ready to head to TeamLab Borderless for even MORE instagram photos. #Millenials, am i right? Borderless is located in a mall called Palette Town (like Pokémon). The mall itself has a bunch of cool things including a Ferris wheel, Toyota showcase, and even a nike factory outlet. There was a seemingly long appearing line but it only took us about 20 minutes to get into the fully immersive light fest inside. EPSON helped create basically a place (the website calls it a digital arts museum) where there are no borders, meaning a lot of the projected videos move from ROOM TO ROOM like a room without borders. It was amazing seeing these interactive light shows all over and SO MANY rooms were hidden where you are left to explore in any random order. I don’t think we even got to see all of it!! I will say I LOVED the Athletic Forest and Lanterns (both located up some stairs). The lanterns one however only gives you 2 MINUTES to take all the photos you want (we did not know this and actually waited in line twice to go back in) — it feels so rushed in comparison to Planets. You could easily spend a WHOLE day here and the rooms would constantly change... I think if I had to choose only one and had more than half a day to spare, I’d choose Borderless. If you only have 2 hours, Planets is perfect.
My nerd DNA shoes
The waterfall interacts with your hand!!
Cool Wave room (reminded me of those Japanese posters)
This was like a fruit ninja slide (i slid down the lights!)

We then ended the day at Tokyo station to book a Shinkansen ticket with her JR Pass. We were told to sit on the right side for a good view of Mt. Fuji but they were sold out (go reserve way earlier than the day before unlike us). We settled for any reserved seats and headed to Ramen Street in Yaris building. We went and had Tsukemen at Rokurinsha but had to wait 45 minutes (felt like an eternity in our shoes). The noodles were some of the best ramen noodles I ever had but the broth left much to be desired and so it’s hard to know if I’d come back. I do wish we had better made noodles in the states though!


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