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Photo by Rhombus

Photo by Rhombus

Fancy being a travel writer?

Fancy being a paid travel writer?

If you have a way with words and travel experience under the belt, you could earn some extra pocket money by submitting articles to online travel magazines.

It probably won't pay your airfares. But it might buy you a nice dinner and a cold beer (or two) to wash it down.

The big boy on the block is World Hum, a travel magazine that was recently bought by the Travel Channel. Their standard is high, and their articles are tight. But hey, if you're confident enough, submit your stuff and you stand to get paid over $100 if they like it.

An up and coming site to check out is, which is a social community listing a variety of paid writing opportunities. Just check the bounty board out for some ideas. You could earn between $50 and $100 by writing an article for Matador.

Another personal favourite of mine is Brave New Traveler, which is focused on "news, views, and editorial type articles that discuss the nature of travel". BNT is a pretty new site, but recently started paying its writers $20 per article.

If a little ego trip is what you're after, you can also submit your articles to non-paying magazines like inTravel Magazine. It won't buy you dinner, but it will impress your friends.

For a stack of other suggestions, check out Brave New Traveler's great list of over 50 online travel magazines.

By dr.pepper

Posted Tue, Aug 28, 2007