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You might have seen us posting updates on Twitter or in our monthly newsletter about something called Travel Massive.


We wanted to shed a little more light about Travel Massive by posting more here. Travel Massive is a global initiative to connect people in the travel industry locally. It brings travel bloggers, brands, startups and socially engaged travellers together by way of a free monthly meetup in various cities.

It was started in Sydney in 2009 by Alicia Smith and Ian Cumming after they tweeted an open invite to meet other travel-focused people in the area. Over the summer, the monthly meetup grew rapidly with a steady stream of travel entrepreneurs, travel bloggers, travel photographers, brand managers, and passionate travellers all meeting for drinks and networking in Sydney's backpacker bars.

Today Travel Massive has spread to over 12 cities around the globe. A full list of locations is available here.

Melbourne Travel Massive Christmas meetup. Photo credit to Tom Howard.

Travel Massive also draws support from some large online travel companies, including World Nomads, Flight Centre, Intreprid Travel, as well as media partners and Web In Travel.

An early Sydney Travel Massive meetup. Photo credit to Ian Cumming

  • If you happen to be in Melbourne on 20 September, there's the opportunity to meet cofounder Peter. Event details here.
  • We're also organising the first Berlin event along with Pocket Village on 15 September. More here.

So, if you're in interested in travel and the travel industry, try and get along to a #travelmassive!

By katekendall

Posted Tue, Sep 06, 2011