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Unbelievably today marks exactly one year since we left the UK on our long, long flight to Singapore. It has been one of the best years of our lives. Anyone that knows us will know just how much fun we have had. We have had some incredible experiences and met new friends from all over the world.

Before we left the UK we read a lot of articles about how much travelling long term changes you. We don’t think we have changed majorly but there are small things that we think differently about. We have travelled living out of a backpack for 365 days and neither of us has missed anything we left behind. We purposefully did not bring our phones with us, and we are so glad, the amount of time you see friends and couples sat out for dinner, all heads down into their iPhones, is ridiculous.

The most immediate change we have recognised is our perception of how people live. A lot of people may criticise our choice to travel and ask us why we are running away from settling down and a stable normal life. The answer is, we are not running away from anything, we are running towards things we want and embracing life. Some people may accept it now but expect us to settle down in the future. We have learned that we do not have to; we can do anything we please. Success in life in our opinion can never be measured in a job, a house, a marriage or in money. To be successful is to be happy no matter what that is. We would never criticise anyone for wanting these things, it is just not important to us. If this trip has taught us anything it is that life is precious and flies by in a flash, people should do what makes them happy while they can. Why live your life working in a job you hate in order to fund a house you don’t really want, just so by the time you have retired you can have the stability and luxury to do what you actually want to do….. do it now.

This is our last blog post for Powered by Noodles. Tomorrow is our last day and Thursday is took up entirely with travelling back home. Sri Lanka has been a perfect final destination for us, the right mix of things to see and do as well as the beautiful beaches to laze on. We have seen the most of the country and it has been one of our favourite places of the whole trip.

It is not the end though, we have definitely caught the bug and intend to see a lot more. Neither of us are happy going back to the 9-5, living for the weekend mentality. We are looking forward to going home, spending time with the people we have missed, but we are already itching to hit the road again and see somewhere new….

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By Chelsandliam

Posted Tue, Dec 03, 2013 | Sri Lanka | Comments