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Travellerspoint Travel Blogging Competition

Travellerspoint Travel Blogging Competition

You might have seen this image around the site but what is it about?

As Travellerspoint hosts an active blogging community, we are thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity to make a broader social impact with your travel blogging! You might like to think of it as "more bang for your blogging buck".

We have partnered with not-for-profit organisation Art in All of Us (AiA) to give you the opportunity to aid their cultural exchange programs which aim to inspire, promote tolerance, and enrich the lives of children around the world. The programs use interactive art activities and creative exchanges to educate on cultural differences and teach children about connecting to others on a global scale.

To participate all you have to do is blog! Travellerspoint will donate $5 for every travel blog entry to AiA.

Children in St Lucia. Photo courtesy Art in All of Us

Children in St Lucia. Photo courtesy Art in All of Us

The good news is that you can submit up to three entries in the competition - yes, three! Multiple entries in a competition is somewhat unusual but the reason for this is because there are three different topics for the competition:

  1. Food;

  1. Off The Beaten Track;

  1. Winter.

Bloggers can submit one entry per topic, so submit three wonderful travel blog entries and we will make a donation to AiA for each of them. This is blogging for a good cause after all!

A competition like this needs impressive judges and we certainly have a brilliant panel of professional writers: founder of Travelfish, Stuart McDonald; photojournalist and travel writer Sue Gough-Henly; and writer and Passports with Purpose co-founder Pam Mandel.

Start writing your entry now as the competition closes on 20th April and there is a top prize for one lucky winner.

World Art Book, Art in All of Us

World Art Book, Art in All of Us

The winner will receive a limited edition copy of AiA's World Art Book and the latest Apple iPad!

This is a great competition and we're really happy to work with AiA to bring it to you. Check out the FAQs below and good luck with your entries.

Happy blogging!

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My blog isn't hosted on Travellerspoint, can I still enter?
Absolutely; everyone can enter. Simply copy the URL of your blog post entry along with your email address into the entry form.

I wrote a blog post about last Winter, is it ok to submit this now?
Yes! Great blogging deserves to be rewarded, so this competition isn't limited to new content. You can submit a post from last week, last month or last season, as long as it is your original content and has not been published except for on your own personal blog.

I don't understand the topics. What do I write about?
Anything. Pick a topic you feel you would have the most interesting content about and write! Your entry can be on any aspect of the topic: ie. local food, signature dish how-to, top 10 meals around the world, etc.

By KellieBarnes

Posted Tue, Apr 10, 2012