How to add tips to your travel blog

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Travellerspoint recently added the ability to add tips for sights, restaurants, accommodation and other things that you liked on your travels.

These tips will show up on your followers feeds and will slowly be used in more and more places on the site.

One of the places where you can now use those tips is your travel blog.

Here's how you go about adding a tip

First, visit the Travellerspoint home page.

Look for the + Tips Button and click on it

Search for the point of interest you want to add a tip about. In this case I searched for Luna Park which is a famous attraction here in Melbourne.


Write up your tip

Add some photos

And submit!

Now you've created your tip, it will already show up on the feeds of people who are following you.

The next step is to add it into a blog entry. You could include more than one tip in your blog entry if there's a few things that you mentioned that you want to highlight. Here's how you do that.

1. Write your entry as normal.
2. In the Optional Details section, you now have an option to "Attach Tips". Click on that
3. Select the tips you want to include.
4. You should see any tips you included listed next to the Attach Tips button now
5. And publish.
6. Head over to your blog entry and you should see the tip nicely included
7. Anyone who clicks on that will get an expanded view of the tip.

And that's all there is to it. As things progress, these tips will be used in a lot more places on Travellerspoint and you'll always be able to go back into your tip library to edit those tips or delete them.

Feedback on this feature is welcome in this forum thread

By Peter

Posted Mon, Oct 28, 2019