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Making the Most of Your Blog

Community Highlights Travellerspoint Making the Most of Your Blog


Take a look at today's featured blog by TulsaTrot and you'll find a great example of a blog that has it all: pictures galore (nicely captioned as well), two videos, a zoomed-in map, and of course some excellent and interesting text to bring it all together. There's even a prize-winning competition!

No, I wasn't paid by TulsaTrot to point all this attention to his blog, but I wanted to highlight it because I think it perfectly illustrates the tools that are available to Travellerspoint bloggers.

It also shows how a blog can be much more than just a day-to-day diary of your trip... It can be an interesting and engaging story, and an enjoyable read for whoever the world wide web happens to bring to your digital doorstep.

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By dr.pepper

Posted Fri, Feb 09, 2007