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New and Improved Blogging

Community Highlights Travellerspoint New and Improved Blogging

We're unravelling a bunch of new features and improvements to the blogging area today. Here's a quick rundown of what has changed:

  • Top navigation bar added
  • Bookmark and share entries by email, StumbleUpon, Reddit, or Iloho
  • Table of contents added
  • Show complete XML feeds
  • Feedburner feeds enabled
  • Google Analytics enabled
  • Change the language of your blog
  • Add links to your blog

Top navigation bar
If you're the one running the blog, this allows you to quickly start writing a new entry or managing your blog.

Alternatively, if you're just reading someone else's blog, you can jump to your own blog management area or control panel. You can also report suspicious looking blogs.

Bookmark and share entries
At the bottom of each post you will notice a collection of icons. These allow you to bookmark or share the entry with friends or the rest of the world:
email.gif - Email the post to a friend.
stumble.gif - Add the entry to StumbleUpon, a social bookmarking site.
reddit.png - Add the entry to Reddit, a social bookmarking site with an emphasis on news-related topics.
delicious.gif - Bookmark the entry on, another popular social bookmarking site.
iloho.gif - Share the post on Iloho, a travel site where people can submit news articles, tips or other travel-related topics.

Table of contents
At the top of your sidebar, you'll see a link to your blog's Table of Contents. This displays a list of all your blog's entries. Pretty self-explanatory really...

Feeds are shown in full
Instead of just showing a snippet of each entry, feeds are now shown in full by default. If you want to go back to just showing a snippet, you can go to your blog management area and change this under Settings.

Make your feed a Feedburner feed
Feedburner will take your Travellerspoint blog feed and turn it into a Feedburner feed. The main advantage is that this will allow you to see how many people are subscribed to your blog's feed. Check out Sam's step-by-step tutorial for creating a Feedburner feed.

Get Google Analytics on your blog
Google Analytics will allow you to take an in-depth look at who is visiting your blog - and where they're coming from. Sam has a detailed tutorial on how to start tracking your site with Analytics.

Change the language of your blog
There are quite a few blogs on Travellerspoint that are written entirely in languages other than English. Accordingly, we have translated the blog interface into four different languages: Dutch, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish. This is really useful if most or all of your readers are non-English speakers.

Add links to your blog
You can now add links to other sites from your blog - whether they're your own or other blogs you enjoy reading. To do so, click on the Manage tab in your blog management area and select Links. Note: This only becomes available to bloggers once they have made 5 posts, to prevent spammers taking advantage of this feature.

If you pick up on any problems, feel free to send us your comments. All feedback will be much appreciated!

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By dr.pepper

Posted Thu, Oct 04, 2007