Our maps just learned how to stay on the roads

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Yes everyone, your maps can now follow the roads. And it gets even better than that - they can follow train tracks and even specific bus routes.

The default for your trips will however remain the curves and straight lines we've grown accustomed to. If however you want to change your existing trips to also follow specific routes, here's how you can go about it.

1. Visit your travel map
2. Click on the trip you want to edit. At this point you will see a list of stops on the left.
3. Click on one of the stops to reveal the stop editor.

4. After selecting a transport mode, you will see some options for available routes (assuming we could find some).

5. Change it to the one you want and the route on your map will update

It's that easy!

This update also brings some improvements to the Planner view of your trips. You could already see the different route options in there, but now you can also select the one you want. There's a bit more detail provided in the planner, including estimated duration, distance and sometimes multiple transport modes needed.


The routing is based on Rome2rio's excellent multi-modal travel search engine and as a result is clever enough to find routes even when multiple modes of transport are needed. If the trip requires a plane followed by a drive, then that route option will be available. Ferry routes are also provided. Handy if you've been moving around the Caribbean by ferry for example.

Have fun mapping out your trips!

By Peter

Posted Wed, May 13, 2015