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Put your Travellerspoint map on Facebook

Community Highlights Travellerspoint Put your Travellerspoint map on Facebook

Those of you caught up in the Facebook craze will be pleased to hear that you can now add your Travellerspoint map to your Facebook profile.

All you have to do is go here, add the application and then log in to Travellerspoint using your TP username and password.

If you want to add new trips to your map, you can do so on either Facebook or Travellerspoint. The interface on Facebook is actually a bit simpler than Travellerspoint - all you fill in is the places you went to on your trip, without adding dates, photos, blog entries or transportation modes. Of course, if you want to add those things, you can do so through your Travellerspoint map management area. Any changes made through TP will show up on your Facebook profile as well.

For a little more TP-Facebook action, why don't you follow the Travellerspoint page or display your blog on your profile.

100,000 members
We've been eyeing that 100,000 membership mark for a while now, but we finally hit it. Admittedly, the stats page says we have 99,993 members, but that's a static figure published once a day. We've actually had over 100,100 members sign up.

If you've seen the stats page, you may be wondering why sign-ups jumped from 65 (Thursday), to 131 (Friday), and then to 221 on Saturday. We can thank the Facebook travel map application for that. The Travellerspoint application started showing up in Facebook's list of applications on Friday, and it's been attracting more and more attention ever since.

By dr.pepper

Posted Mon, Jul 16, 2007