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Results from our 2011 Community Survey

Community Highlights Travellerspoint Results from our 2011 Community Survey

Our 2011 Community Survey is now complete and we have some interesting information about TP members we'd like to share with you.

First of all, congrats to Holly Clark (soupatrvlr) for being the randomly-selected winner of the iPod Touch! We think they're the perfect device to use while travelling and complement a brick phone nicely.

Image: Holly snapping a quick set-up pic

So, the first questions we asked were around "What kind of traveller are you?"

  • 'Backpacker' was the most common response for type with 27% of you selecting it. This was followed by 'budget', 'mid-range' and the oh-so-cool 'I can't be categorised'!
  • Nearly half of you liked having someone along while travelling, but just shy of the same weren't bothered either way.
  • When it came to how often you travel, a whopping 61% replied a few times per year. The second largest response was once per year. Close to 10% were constantly travelling. What a life!

Image: What the dream destination pie chart looked like!

When it came to travel issues, we have quite a bit to report:

  • Terrorism, natural disasters, infectious disease and special events were items most likely to influence your travel plans.
  • When it came to considering the environment, the largest majority tried to limit air travel but there still a few who answered they didn't take it into account.
  • In regards to how much of your travel you planned online, over half answered '75-100%'. Another quarter answered '50-75%'. We certainly have web lovers on our hands!
  • 55% of you spent USD$1000-$5000 on travel a year, while almost 30% spent $5000-$15000. One person answered they spent more than $30,000 per year!
  • And now for the most surprising part. We commonly hear digital media experts predict the death of the travel guide book but over half of you still buy one and take it with you!

We then wrapped up with some questions regarding the site and areas we can improve. Thanks so much for your responses – we're taking a look at all the feedback to see what we can do.

Overall, it's great to see you're loving the travel guides, blogging tools, photography, forums, trip mapping, helpers and accommodation. We're also flattered that 60% of you think Travellerspoint is up there with the best travel sites on the net!

Thanks again for taking part and we're looking forward to launching some fantastic new features and products (such as our mobile app) shortly.

~ The TP team

By katekendall

Posted Fri, Sep 02, 2011