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Travel Postcards to TP members

Community Highlights Travellerspoint Travel Postcards to TP members

Ahila came up with the idea recently to allow members to send other members online postcards (aka e-cards) using just their usernames, instead of the existing system where a name and email address is needed.

The idea proved too good for us to resist and has now been implemented.

Here's a quick overview of how this works.

First, you select the photo you want to send. You can send any photo on Travellerspoint as a postcard, and with (currently) 80000+ photos uploaded, you should have plenty of choice :) If you'd like to just look at some of the featured photos, check out the featured galleries per country on the photography or the postcards pages.

I'm going to select one I've uploaded to my own gallery:

On the postcard creation page, you select 'Travellerspoint Username', like so:

The form will change (provided your browser supports this which 99% should!) and you will see the name/email boxes replaced with a single box where you enter the username (type or copy/paste it).

Naturally, you should be careful you type the correct username (!), because if you type a username that exists, but isn't the one you intended, you will have a mistified recipient on the other end :)

Hit the preview button and see if you like the look of your postcard:

I do, so I hit the 'Send Card' button and voila, the member I have selected will now receive an email (yes, this goes via email, not the PM system!) notifying them of the postcard waiting for them on Travellerspoint. You can also choose to edit the card at this stage which will take you back to the last page.

Hope you enjoy!

By Sam I Am

Posted Wed, Feb 14, 2007