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Travellerspoint comes to your mobile

Community Highlights Travellerspoint Travellerspoint comes to your mobile

Mobile-friendly Travellerspoint

Mobile-friendly Travellerspoint

You might have heard us mention the new mobile-optimised site in our monthly newsletter. Well, we're pleased to finally share what we've created with you today.

The new site is linked directly from Travellerspoint when you visit on your mobile device or you can head straight to:

The team here have been coding and designing non-stop to make it easier for TP members to enjoy some of our best features from their handsets.

We're now going to run through some of these improvements below:


Just landed and no bed to sleep in? No worries! On-the-go bookings have become super easy. Simply search nearby and you'll see results of properties available now. You can edit the list to filter by distance, popularity, price or name. My favourite's always price! When you find a suitable property, select the number of beds (covering the amount of guests) then review your booking and you're on your way to a good night's sleep!

IMG_3236.png IMG_3237.png IMG_3238.png


If you love blogging live, you can also post directly to any of your blogs hosted with TP through the mobile site. This includes photo uploading if you're using an iPhone. We're working with Aurigma Up app, so don't forget to check you've got it installed before giving uploads a go. As well as creating new posts, you can also edit and delete them. You'll have to register for a (free) member account, if you haven't already, to make the most of these features.



Our comprehensive Wiki Travel Guides created by real travellers (aka you) can also be viewed from the palm of your hand. Click 'Find guides nearby and around me' for content that's relevant to you in the moment.



The final piece is the Forums. Here you can catch up on the latest happening from TP members and post questions or comments yourself. Select a forum topic to narrow down the results – you'll find us fielding site queries in System Talk!



Our new mobile site is by no means perfect or fully complete yet, but we'd love your feedback. Tell us what you think by posting in our Forums, Facebook Page or Twitter.

We're hoping to craft a better experience for other platforms (such as Android) over the coming months. Real-time trip mapping is also being considered.

So, go on, have a look and bookmark it if you find it useful.

Happy travels!

The Travellerspoint Team

By katekendall

Posted Tue, Oct 25, 2011