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Welcome to our newest team member: Kellie Barnes

Community Highlights Travellerspoint Welcome to our newest team member: Kellie Barnes

Kellie in Ronda, Spain

Kellie in Ronda, Spain

It's a great day in the TP office as we welcome Kellie Barnes (aka KellieBarnes) to the team. Kellie is joining us in a support and community capacity, and comes from a background in photography.

What's your new role at Travellerspoint?

Happily, I will be joining the Travellerspoint team to provide community management and customer support.

Where's the best place you've visited to date?

As avid travellers it is always hard to narrow down the choice; the place that has left the biggest impression on me, however, is Marrakech. Navigating the souks, meeting locals, and enjoying Morocco's culinary delights was endlessly exciting and something I hope to explore further.

Market in Marrakech

Market in Marrakech

What's your most told travel story?

I try not to bore people too much so I have a rotating list of favourites that includes French rail strikes; secluded Fijian islands; and food and family in Japan. My current top story is an amazing city-in-a-day experience that started with a chance meeting with a local at Edinburgh Castle, which turned into a huge walking tour of the city in the evening, then climbing Arthur's Seat on a whim before enjoying some of Edinburgh's best entertainment.



Where do you go for your travel inspiration?

I try to get my hands on everything I can: travel magazines, Lonely Planet photography books, email newsletters, and of course Travellerspoint. Having a couple of friends in travel agencies helps, too!

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

What do you love about the TP community?

The depth and breadth of the community is incredible and it makes Travellerspoint an invaluable resource for current, past, and future travellers. I also love seeing the amazing photos that the community shares - there are some incredible places in this world!

Where can we find you on the web?

I'm normally on Twitter (@kellos) but I can also be found on TP, Linkedin and Google+.

Feel free to send any questions or thoughts about the site through to her!

By katekendall

Posted Tue, Dec 06, 2011